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Recreational flying can be an expensive hobby, with the purchase and operational costs of a homebuilt aircraft often proving prohibitive for most people. However, the NOVA aircraft is specifically designed to combat these challenges, utilizing modern design techniques to reduce both purchase and operational costs, making recreational flying accessible to a wider audience.

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The Design Goal

Imagine an aircraft that can kept in a trailer, rigged to fly within 10 minutes & fly for over an hour before being put back in the trailer which serves as its own hangar/charger. With a trailer equipped Solar charging system, when you arrive back to your local field a week later, the aircraft will be fully charged and ready to go once again! Then imagine this aircraft being one the cheapest kits on the market!

Key Objectives in the Design

  • All electric power system

  • Be trailer storable with a sub 10 minute rigging time.

  • Built-In trailer PV charge system

  • 60+ minutes of flight time per charge

  • Less than £25,000 flying cost (not including trailer) 

  • Look good!

The Development Plan


Wingspan     7m

Length          5m

MTOW          240 Kg

Payload        110 Kg

Power           25Kw

Endurance   1.5 hours (no reserve)

Power System

Motor               25Kw

Battery             6Kwh

Voltage            100V

Charge time    2.2 hours (13A 230V outlet)

Charge time    20 minutes (3 phase)

To minimise the development cost, NOVA makes use of off the shelf 'Plug n Play' power system components with only the battery itself being tailored to NOVA. The battery design incorporates novel methods to ensure easy and safe homebuilding.


The battery is contained within a fireproof vessel designed to ensure a thermal runaway will not damage the airframe of pose a risk to the occupant.

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