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The plug for the fin is created. In a bid to minimise the total cost and understanding that added cost at this stage will only find its way into the pricing of each kit, ensuring minimal outlay at this stage is critical and closely monitored. 

To help reduce cost, TechFlite employs the use of 3D printing technology to produce the plugs, creating highly accurate and low cost tooling!


Fin mould.png


After finishing the 3D printed fin plug, the two fin mould halves were pulled. Exciting as this is the first tooling for NOVA and demonstrated the sound approach in using 3D printing technology for plugs. Using 3D printers in this way create highly accurate, low cost plugs with minimal man hours. The next stage is to trim the moulds ready to  fabricate the fin skins. 


General CAD Model.png


TechFlite finalizes the detail design of the NOVA design in a bid to produce detailed Load, Stress & Aerodynamic reports to be reviewed by the UK regulator of amateur built aircraft, The Light Aircraft Association.


InnovateUK Logo.png


TechFlite Ltd was successful in gaining a Start Up Grant from InnovateUK.

The award is not intended to see NOVA through all the development needed to get to market but to provide the initial funds to begin tooling production and finalize the detailed design all while being offered bespoke business support. 

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